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What is Think Shape?

We know you want to look great and feel confident, whether it's for the boardroom, a wedding or simply a night out with friends. Think Shape is the result of founder Anna Berkeley's 28-years working in fashion, distilled into a pioneering app that teaches you about your unique body shape. Using Anna's Body Map process, you'll understand exactly what will fit you properly and what really suits you. Armed with this information you will truly own the key to dressing well for you.
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    Saving you time

    We know you're busy. Think Shape takes the time and hassle out of shopping because you'll learn exactly what to look for - and more importantly understand why those items are best for you.

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    Saving you money

    We help you make smarter choices so you can say goodbye to unworn clothes hanging in your wardrobe! You'll discover how to prioritise spending on things that look amazing on you.

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    Saving waste

    We want you to get great wear out of all your clothes. With our expertise you'll make fewer returns, save decent clothes going to landfill, and consume fewer pieces but ones you'll really love.

How does it all work?

  • Download and sign up

    Get started by downloading Think Shape from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up and we’ll take you through the rest step by step.

  • Enter your measurements

    We'll guide you through the measuring process with detailed video instructions, and we're always on hand via SMS, WhatsApp or email if you get stuck.

  • Discover your Body Shape

    We'll then introduce you to your dominant body shape, and tell you about each individual section of your body. This is your Body Map and is yours to keep in the app, to refer to whenever you need it.

  • Review your recommendations

    View clothing guides for your body shape, plus guides on how to dress every single part of your body, from hairstyles, hats and jewellery to hem lengths and shoes...and everything in between!

What our customers say

    Anna Berkeley

    Anna Berkeley

    Boasting an impressive 28-year career in the fashion industry, Anna has collaborated with some of the world's most renowned brands. As a womenswear buyer for Selfridges, Prada, Margaret Howell and several high street brands, she travelled to fashion weeks around the globe, where she forged connections with over 130 esteemed brands.

    In 2007, Anna began working with private clients as a highly successful personal stylist and body shape expert developing her Body Mapping technique. Since February 2022 she has written the weekly “Ask A Stylist” column for the FT Weekend.

    Now, Anna is excited to launch Think Shape, where she can bring decades of her expertise in body shape understanding to women everywhere.

    "So many women panic, waste money and feel utterly disillusioned. I want to solve this problem once and for all, to give you the confidence to enjoy shopping again, and review your current wardrobe in a new light." - Anna Berkeley